Right now, I am living in Black Mountain, North Carolina where I have lived the last 7, essentially since I left college.

My wife Sadie and I have two kids and live at the end of wolf creek, right at the edge of a tree line with wolf creek running right through our backyard. We have a summer garden, growing yellow straight-neck squash, bush beans, two pepper varieties, tomatoes, and lettuce.


For work, I have been freelancing since February 2023 after quitting a remote customer service job that was really challenging, mentally and emotionally. I work with a company called Mayple doing email marketing health checks/implementation work for Intuit/Mailchimp clients - that's a funny one to have stumbled into. I work for someone in town who has a marketing agency working for an outdoor brand and a few endurance events. And I work with a musician helping to book events. It's been a bit of a whirlwind since quitting employment with benefits, health care, ease-of-tax, etc., but I'm really proud of my wife and I and how we've navigated this. I really like the email marketing work and intend to keep pursuing it.

What I'm Up to

I just finished reading Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. I'm now reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.

I have started playing Xbox online again, specifically Fifa 2023, and I am pretty good at it funny enough.

I haven't kept track, but I've been riding my bike almost every day back and forth to town to work at various places. I've probably put in around 300 miles just in commuting, not counting exercise, this summer.

What I'm Noticing

Something I'm noticing is how important it is to just be present in my life and enjoy the day that it is, not the events that may or may not come, or that have or have not happened. This is vital. For so long, I heard it as cheesy or cliche. But it is vital.

concept & inspiration from Derek Sivers:

Updated July, 31, 2023